Teaching this week: Federica Esposito

When? Monday-Friday 9.15-10.45

Where? Yorkshire Dance

Oppositions, gravity, skeletal connections and spirals will flow through the body during this Release/Floorwork based class. Federica’s class combines articulate and fluent sequences with moments of led improvisation and partnering work. The concepts of clarity, ease, power as well as the search for the inner momentum will be explored in a playful atmosphere, sharing positive vibes and connecting physical energies.

Photography: Valentina di Mauro

Photography: Valentina di Mauro

Teaching this week: Pat Durham & Marivi da Silva

Where? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -  RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre. Wednesday - The Dance Studio Leeds.

When? All classes run 9.15-10.45

Monday- Tuesday: Pat Durham will be teaching ballet.

Wednesday-Friday: Marivi’s class will offer the possibility to explore the mechanics and potential of your body through a fusion of different techniques. Throughout a strong, physical session, dancers will explore dynamics, qualities of movement and different spatial levels through combining standing and floor work and weight shifting, with the incorporation of acrobatic elements. The class will build from a short warm up and will include body conditioning and stretching, finalising the session with an extended choreographic sequence which will combine the elements explored in class.

Photography: Krzysztof Jokiel

Photography: Krzysztof Jokiel

Teaching this week: Elisabeth Schilling

When? Monday-Friday 9.15.10,45am

Where? RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre

Elisabeth's class aims at preparing an articulate, attentive and curious body to move with individual instinct through precise alignment, flow of weight, use of time and dynamic playfulness. By introducing exploratory tasks as well as set material, the positive and energetic environment will encourage you to discover your body's full potential through facility, strength, efficiency and a creative mind. The class will furthermore invite you to enhance your perception of yourself and others in order to open the space for a powerful visceral experience.

Photography: Stefio Ceccon

Photography: Stefio Ceccon

Teaching this week: Sadé and Kristina Alleyne

NB. No class on Bank Holiday Monday

When? Tuesday-Friday 9.15-10.45am

Where? RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre

This is a physical contemporary class, which will involve strong, complex and technical sequences in and out of the floor, focusing on performance/stamina and commitment throughout the session. Improvisation will also be explored as part of self-development. The significant factors for the workshop are to develop the dancers' creative mind, drive from passion, determination, strength, musicality and most importantly an intention/ honesty in whatever choice they make throughout the session. Our style has been inspired and developed from working with the likes of Akram Khan (fusion of Kathak and Contemporary Dance), Retina

Teaching this week. Toby Fitzgibbons

When? Monday-Friday 9.15-10.45am

Where? Yorkshire Dance

Toby’s class has a dynamic released based feel with moments of improvisation and reflection. The body and mind will be warmed up using simple exercises and phrases, systematically working on the whole body. The class will start with work on the fundamentals like breath, the core and finding ourselves in space. The class will incorporate floor work, dynamic traveling, building to jumps and phrases. A sense of flow, connection with ourselves and others and tuning will be the key themes of the week. I hope we can share good feelings, a sense of fun and hard work. 

Photo credit: Scottish Dance Theatre

Photo credit: Scottish Dance Theatre

Teaching this week: Keira Martin and Vanessa Grasse

NB. Classes this week will start at 9.30am

Who? Monday-Thursday: Keira Martin. Friday: Vanessa Grasse.

When? All classes run 09.30-11.00am

Where? Yorkshire Dance

Keira’s class is influenced by her wide experience in different dance genres, including traditional Irish Dance, rhythm, Graham, release and improvisation techniques. The class is physically demanding with a focus on core strength, stamina and floor work, building towards a long phrase of movement at the end of each class.

Vanessa will lead a dynamic class moving in and out of the floor through specific sequences and movement pathways on your own and with a partner. We will roll, slide and fly, awakening spirals and cross lateral connectivity, looking at how too remain relaxed in speed and strength, recycling and redirecting energy and trajectories. A clear awareness and a specific work on our breathing will support an easiness of flow, clear intention, sustaining and generating energy rather than just consuming it.


Spring with ProDanceLeeds

ProDanceLeeds attenders! I hope you all had a nice rest over Easter. I certainly did, eating lots of pick n mix that my sister brought over from Sweden.  Easter is now long gone though, and all is back to normal with five classes a week again!

We have been laying a little bit low on the ProDance side of things for a bit, due to working with Application Muy Grande over at Gracefool HQ, (some of us moonlight as Gracefool Collective – we know it’s confusing. If it helps, you might want to think of us like the holy trinity: we are at the same time the father, the son and the holy spirit, and they are all different – but also really just the same.) We are now back to launch some pretty exciting ProDanceLeeds ideas, and we’ll be updating you more in the coming month, so watch this space as they say.

As you may know, we have organised two workshops this spring – one took place this week with Ian Garside and it was pretty great! There is also another workshop coming up in May with Tomislav English, but it is now fully booked. We still have some budget to organise another workshop (or two) throughout the year, so if you have suggestions about who you think we should get in, do let us know!

I will also treat you with a video from last week’s classes with Katie Lusby. Katie has danced with, amongst others, Richard Alston; Punchdrunk, Gecko. Say whaat!? We do like to spoil you! How are you feeling about the classes in general? Enjoying them? Wishing there was more improv? Less improv? More floor work? Less floor work? More ballet? Less ballet? Ok, I know we haven’t had ANY ballet so far, is this something you think we should change? Again, do get in touch and let us know. We are constantly reviewing the work we’re doing and we want to hear from you! We are currently booking in teachers for July-September, so if you have feedback and ideas for us – now is the time to speak.

Have a lovely week ducklings!


Teaching this week: Ian Garside

Photography: Ermira Goro

Photography: Ermira Goro

N.B. This class starts later than usual: 10.00. There are also 2 workshops running on Thursday and Friday afternoon. To book a space, visit our workshop page.

When? Monday-Friday 10.00-11.30am

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Workshops: Thursday-Friday 12.30-16.30

Ian’s class is a physiological training from a dance perspective, aiming to harness and refine an all-round availability for a multitude of movement potentials: Very physical, [i.e. sweat dripping from the walls, sore thighs the following days..!] ’technique’ class dealing with co-ordination, musicality, stamina and other physiological aspects of strength, balance, power, flexibility; all approached with an attention to dynamism, finesse, and enjoyment (he plays quite loud bouncy music in these classes!) 

Teaching this week: Katie Lusby

When? Monday-Friday 9.15-10.45am

Where? NSCD

Katie’s class is divided into three sections:  30 minutes for a functional warm-up which will include guided improvisation and continuous movement patterns; then 30 minutes to focus on strengthening the body and practicing floor-work technique; and finally 30 minutes dedicated to exploring and enjoying longer movement sequences.  Throughout the class focus will be placed on softness, ease and efficiency, and pushing/expanding your personalisation of movement.    

Photography: ASH

Photography: ASH

Teaching this week: Rachele Rapisardi

Photography: Warren Orchard

Photography: Warren Orchard

When? Tuesday-Friday 9.15-10.45am

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Rachele is interested in exploring the physical possibilities of the body: My classes challenge participants to explore unknown places, different range of movements, and our own physical potential. I will be leading this journey with both structured exercises and task-based improvisation. After warming up and familiarising ourselves with a fuller body, we will then experience different textures and physical qualities exploring character work and emotional states starting from a physical point of view. During my classes I create an environment to research within oneself and the group. Together we will embark on a journey in an open and free space, looking for pleasure and enjoying dancing to great music!

Teaching This Week: James Finnemore

Photography: Danilo Moroni

Photography: Danilo Moroni

When? Monday-Thursday 09.15-10.45

Where? Phoenix Dance Theatre

James’ class has a focus on trying to create a sense of totality throughout the body. This is done through creating awareness of the dancers' physical energy, and how it is used. The class will be mostly improvisation, however some set exercises will be introduced so dancers can try and find this totality within the movement material.

ProDanceLeeds Spring Launch

Happy spring ProDancers!

We are celebrating that March is here, that it is almost Easter, and that clocks will be going forward in just over a week, by launching an exciting line up of teachers and workshops that are coming to Leeds this spring.

We have invited back a few olden goldies from the Pilot phase, as they do absolutely brilliant classes: Natalia Iwaniec is coming to teach Gaga, Jo Fong is travelling from Cardiff to deliver her excellent class of improvisation that seamlessly moves into set material, and Kristina and Sadé Alleyne will probably give us a hardcore, sweat-dripping, fun class!

Two locals: Vanessa Grasse and Keira Martin are both teaching this spring. It is always a pleasure having people teaching, who also come to take class. ProDanceLeeds is after all, all about sharing practice between us that live and work in the region.

We know, it has been also a long time since we put on a workshop. To make up for this, we are having not one but TWO workshops this spring. Ian Garside and Tomislav English are coming to deliver a two-day workshop each. Check it out on the workshop page.

Then we have a whole range of new exciting teachers. It wouldn’t be ProDanceLeeds if we didn’t! We are looking forward to welcoming Elisabeth Schilling, Federica Esposito, Gavin Rees, Gerrard Martin, Katie Lusby, Marso Riviere, Rachele Rapisardi and Toby Fitzgibbons to Leeds. Do check out their biographies, they all seem pretty cool!

A happy happy SPRING to you all, and see you in class!


Teaching This Week: Eugenia Demeglio

Where? Mon-Tues, Thur-Fri: RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre. Wed: Phoenix Dance Theatre

When? All classes run 9-15-10.45am

Eugenia Demeglio is teaching Countertechnique:

Countertechnique© is a movement system devised by choreographer Anouk Van Dijk. Its premise is to help the dancer to think about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. Within a highly physical and clear series of exercises, the Countertechnique© class thoroughly trains dancers to move bigger, more fluidly and more spatially, while becoming stronger and more flexible.

The class starts with a recurring set of exercises, allowing dancers to investigate the Countertechnique© principles in detail. The second half of the class consists of changing components, working towards luscious movement combinations and jumping at the end.

The Countertechnique© class results in dancers using less energy, losing their fear of taking risks and gaining speed in direction changes. Its intrinsic balance between the preparation of body and mind makes it an invaluable daily training for a performer, a companion for a healthy and happy career. 

Teaching This Week: Laure Bachelot

Photography: Chris Mercer

Photography: Chris Mercer

Where? Mon-Wed, Fri: RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre. Thur: Phoenix Dance Theatre

When? All classes run 9.15-10.45am

In Laure’s class we listen, notice, explore, move through developmental patterns starting with floor sequences or movement explorations going into intricate travelling phrases. We aim to establish Inner Connectivity to find an honest Outer Expressivity (inspired by the principles of Bartenieff Fundamentals). Being efficient & virtuosic at the same time we can then fully enjoy our body in motion.

Teaching this week: Davide Sportelli


Where? Mon: RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre. Tue-Fri: Phoenix Dance Theatre

When? All classes run 09.15-10.45

Davide’s training will proceed through guided explorations, improvisational structures and movement scores. Such materials are meant to be integrative tools for us to: connect experientially to our anatomy and body systems; engage an open dialogue with and within the space; find the most immediate transition from sensing into moving and from moving into framing and organizing. How can we enlarge and deepen the terrain of our action? How to access a state of fertile permeability to a given environment?

 Our physical, emotional and mental presence will be urged to include as many sources of information as possible, witnessing the birth of an intention and articulating it into a coherent and lively flow.

Teaching this week: Lola Maury

Where? Mon, Tues, Fri: RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre. Wed-Thur: the Dance Studio Leeds

When? All classes run from 09.15-10.45

Lola’s class is based on breath, volume and flow. She offers a never-stopping stream of precise and simple movement patterns to gradually get grounded and physical at the same time than finding easiness and efficiency in the body. The use of voice is sometimes proposed as a help to finding different states of tension and rhythmical qualities in the dance.

Teaching this week: Amanda Lewis

Photo-credit: Phoenix Dance Theatre

Photo-credit: Phoenix Dance Theatre

When? Monday-Friday 09.15-10.45am

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Amanda delivers a physical and technical contemporary class inspired by a range of different contemporary dance styles and yoga. Amanda offers grounding movement sequences that move in and out of the floor and focus on stamina and the use of breath with movement.

We celebrate a year of classes!! (also sausage rolls…)

Toodles all ProDancers. ProDanceLeeds has now had its first birthday (regular classes for a full year on the 26th of January. Sadly we forgot to celebrate it…) We have sort of celebrated in hindsight by having two weeks of excellent classes with Joss Carter, followed by Matt Lackford. It feels great every time we are able to welcome back a teacher from the Pilot, to our Development phase. Since starting again in November, we have invited back six teachers: Natalia Iwaniec, Lea Tirabasso, Anthony Middleton, Amy Bell, Phil Sanger and Matt Lackford, as well as having had the pleasure of meeting four new ones: Antonio Boriello, Tomislav English, Rachael O’Neill and Joss Carter. Five out of the ten teachers are based in the region, (proof of the richness of artistic practice going on in Yorkshire!) whereas five have come from afar (more or less), bringing their skills and experience into our city. Can I say how fantastic it feels to be able to experience such a diverse range of approaches to contemporary dance, without even having to leave Leeds.

Matt’s classes have been brilliant as always, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a bit of good floor work! On the Monday and Tuesday we had some issues with the sound system and alternated between radio (wohoo Eminem) and silence. I always find it strange to dance in silence as I often take my energy from music, but it was a beautiful experience with the silent studio, the sunlight flooding in, and people dancing in concentration. I take that you all know that RJC Dance has recently refurbished their studio? It is absolutely beautiful – a pleasing way to spend a few hours in the morning. 

Before leaving I just also want to share some photos from last weeks’ classes with Joss Carter. As you can see, it wasn’t your everyday traditional dance class. We did a lot of (what felt like rather shamanic) shaking and ended up making gigantic sausage rolling on the floor. I’ve only done this in heather before, which is a lot more cushioned. There was a lot of trapped knees, sweaty armpits in faces and general groaning, but it was also rather spectacularly fun. As you can maybe tell from the photos… I’m highly recommending experiencing a Joss Carter class if you ever get the chance!

Rebecca x

Teaching this week: Matt Lackford & Taylor Benjamin

When? Matt Lackford: Monday-Wednesday, Friday Taylor Benjamin: Thursday 9.15-10.45am

Where? RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre

Matt’s approach to floor work investigates the mechanical processes within the body, with the aim of finding smooth transitions to and from the floor. These engaging sessions will also focus on developing individuals various approach to moving and performing confidently. All phrases and exercises delivered have a variety of alternate moves for different levels and individuals movement styles.



Teaching this week: Joss Carter

When? Monday-Friday 9.15-10.45am

Where? the Dance Studio Leeds

Joss Carter's classes focus on exhausting the body through variations of self-disciplined repetitive actions and reactions, and expanding/shrinking the kinesphere using vibrations of the body in a stimulating and radical movement technique that is energised and enhanced by a forced breath. His classes investigate Flesh and Bone, allowing the understanding of extremes in tension to further a counter discovery of extraordinary softness and relaxation that aim to strip the ego and obtain states of liberation in mind, body and soul. Joss strives to provide a mindful approach towards structuring his classes, allowing each individual to nurture and challenge themselves and others in a friendly, conscious and honest environment for both professional and personal development.