NEW!!! ProDance Friends

Hello to all friendly souls!!

Here comes the launch of our brand new 'FRIENDS' cards. It works as our previous loyalty cards (£30 for 10 classes)!! But we have upgraded the look... more PRO yeah??

Also, keep your ears out because with this new fabulous card comes a bunch of additional perks and opportunities.We are also introducing this blog for FRIENDS to write a post about our wonderful teachers in exchange for one FREE CLASS!

Last but not least; here is where our FRIENDS will be able to promote and talk about their own work, so if you have an up and coming workshop or performance, we will give you some space here to tell us about it.

After all you are the reason we are here, the reason this project is possible: giving professional dancers an opportunity to connect and engage with each other and the dance world (while doing our pliès).

Have a wonderful week with Rachael O’Neill.