Get a Friends Card

Hello people!

So I thought I would just give you all a little nudge about a fabulous thing that we have going here at ProDanceLeeds, namely: our Friends Card. I feel like maybe we don’t talk enough about them, so seen as I’m running the blog here, I thought I’d create the opportunity to let you know just how amazing they are.

To get a Friends Card you pay £30 up front and it entitles you to a total of 10 classes. All of you math genii will quickly realise that you save £10 in comparison to paying full price for 10 classes. But that’s not all! Your Friends Card opens up a whole lot more doors:

  • Discounted morning and lunch classes at Yoga Hero

  • 10% discount on studio hire at the Dance Studio Leeds

  • Concession price on selected performances at Riley Theatre and Yorkshire Dance.

Pretty good, right!? You can read more about it here.

The Friends Card lasts three months, or until the end of this project, which finishes on the 16th of December. Although we hope that these classes will continue in January, your Friends Cards will expire in December (this is because of budget reasons, but I won’t bore you with the details). So make sure you use your classes before then!

Ok, a last incentive to buy that card: we printed a whole lot of tote bags earlier this year for mysterious reasons. We still have 8 left. Anyone buying a Friends Card next week will get a free tote bag. Wohoo! Rumour has it that Phil Sanger, who won not one but TWO at the Leeds Culture Gathering, frequently is seen sporting this fabulous accessory at a culture event close to you. Get that tote bag now! First come, first served - terms and conditions apply.