Rachel Explains Things: Timing

We all agree it’s pretty hard to get up early in the morning, especially when you are working in a bar until late or teaching the evening before. Or, perhaps you live a bit outside the city, have to drop off children, or regularly get stuck in bloody traffic. Whatever the reason, we understand it can be difficult to get to class when you want to.  That’s why in the November of this year, we will experiment with scheduling classes later.  

Our lie in month in November, will see our classes starting later at 10am, which you can see in our classes section

The decision to hold our classes early in the morning has been due to a number of reasons. When we began class, a number of other professional classes started at this time.  Other factors have been that our partner’s spaces are often very full and this dictates when we have been able to use their studios.  

The main reason we haven’t been able to test this earlier is that we have tried to link up with people in residence in Leeds.  This way the money we pay them to teach goes into their Grants for the Arts and they gain support from us, helping their application.  We love being able to do this for the community.  However, an earlier start time means that they can teach class and it won’t encroach on their residency time. Starting later would mean that our classes finish at 11.30am for example. If everyone leaves the studio by 12pm, then they may take lunch for an hour and their own rehearsal time would start at 1pm. In many of the studio spaces, 5pm is when building closes or private hire for non-professional classes starts, meaning they would be left with only four hours of residency time.

A solution would be to have the classes for artists who aren’t in residence starting later where possible. However, we are aware that as we don’t have our own premises and are always switching spaces, the changing information can be quite confusing. Therefore we have tried where possible to keep our start time the same. Although it may be that you feel this isn’t so much of a problem; if so let us know!

So you can see it’s been a humdinger for us for a while and we aren’t too sure what the answer is. So we will see how the trial goes and as always if you have any suggestions, get in touch!