Report from class: James Finnemore

Photography: Danilo Moroni

Photography: Danilo Moroni

We get into the “James Finnemore” mode through a guided improvisation that takes the dancers to the beach. Using an imagery of textures, like 'sand in between your toes' or 'the sun melting your skin', James Finnemore aims to transform and expand the density of the body. He lets the dancers explore their own curiosities while pushing them to avoid the comfortable strategies of recurrence.

Once we are warm, we play puppets. The image of invisible elastic strings joining the extremities with the pelvic bone frames the next corporal exploration. From there, the class moves into more specific exercises, developing the explored qualities into some repertoire phrases. To finish, we combine improvisation with set material crossing the space in pairs.

The session challenges not just the traditional use of weight, for instance creating empty spaces in the pelvis, but also the sense of connectivity between limbs and torso, creating a global sense of asymmetrical mobility.

Finnemore's class is definitely recommendable for those who chase a versatile range of qualities while escaping the structure of more traditional practises.

Anna Cabré-Verdiell