New Dance Studio in Leeds

Hey dear ones,

I hope you are finding your way around the new website! You may have noticed while browsing the fabulous line up of teachers that we’re bringing you this autumn, that a lot of the classes in the coming few months will take place at the Dance Studio Leeds.

The Dance Studio Leeds is run by lovely Katie Geddes who has been super supportive to us since the inception of this programme. Katie runs a jam packed programme of classes (that you might want to have a peek at) in her two studios at Mabgate Mills since a few years back. In September, she also launched a new studio. Check it out!

The new studio is a bit bigger than the other ones, and this is where you’ll find ProDance’ morning classes this autumn. Wohoo brand new studio!

Also, remember that if you have a Friends Card you get 10% off when hiring a studio from Dance Studio Leeds. Pretty handy if you are looking for rehearsal space!.