Remember the Leeds Culture Gathering?

With the autumn cold creeping up on us, let's have a look at some photos from the Leeds Culture Gathering that we put on earlier this year. Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch has written a short review of the event as well. Enjoy!

It was a cold but sunny evening, the perfect atmosphere for a familiar gathering that turned around dance. The space, Live Art Bistro, welcomed the visitors with a reception full of home-made cakes and the bright smiles of the organisers, the ProDanceLeeds 'Girls'.

The night was exactly what the poster said it was going to be, a LAB. It was a platform to present works in process, where Clementine Telesfort and Iris Borràs showed an extract of a duet that was evocative of the sweetness of French cinema. Also a duet, Tora Hed and Georgina Buchannan managed to create a subtle connection between the movement of one performer and the voice of the other.

The night also had space for interaction. The charismatic Akeim Buck got the audience to shake it up! His performance, with the musical partnering of Otis Jones, was a permanent call-response with the public, who had a direct impact on the resulting show.

Sarah Maria Cook and Joanne Armitage offered a futuristic approach to dance. A piece where live computer programming shapes the movement of the dancer, giving constant information about steps, speeds, directions...through three screens that created the frame of the stage.

The room left space for some words as well, not just in the bar, where dancers and non-dancers could relax and share impressions, but also through a few programmed talks. Gregory James Waller and Marek Tymkow, two resident DJs in Leeds, shared their secrets of reading the audience´s energy during their sessions.

To take it further, dance got mixed with philosophy through the voice of Aaron Meskin, a professional philosopher who is also a dance lover.

With a raffle, crisps, lots of good vibrations, children rolling in the floor and adults dancing around, the event felt like a celebration of dance! Nothing to do with the silent white coldness that comes to mind when picturing a laboratory.

Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch