B-boying in a Tibetan temple [Anna reviews]

As I was taking my shoes off outside the new white studio at Dance Studio Leeds, a smiley guy says 'good morning' while walking in. I recognise him from the picture in the ProDance website, is the guest teacher of the week, Lewis Wilkins. While taking my coat off I can hear lively murmuring of voices inside and, as soon as I step in, I realise that the studio looks like Piccadilly Circus.

The hustle and bustle from the large number of attendants today, gets rapidly quiet when the lesson begins. The smiley guy that I have met just a few minutes ago, becomes the master. The luminous room offers the perfect scenario to start the lesson, which commences with silent Thai chi sequences. The simplicity of the structure let us follow Lewis´ guidance and, without realising, our bodies are warm and our concentration is highly focused.

We move then to the floor, where main part of the class happens. Lewis´ delicateness is present both in his movements and his words. His movement requires deep core and arm strength, but the subtlety of his delivery is exquisite, kind of meditative. He says the strictly necessary; no more, no less. Like a monk that shows you the main laws of transcendence but allows you to reach wisdom by yourself.

The class moves in a quick pace. The exercises flow from one to another and suddenly we are all sweaty and the lesson is about to finish. The palpable focus in the room could keep the group going for hours, but it's time to get back to the earth. Still four more days to learn from Monk Wilkins, definitely a wise mover!

Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch