Anthony Lo-Giudice: Geometry in movement, geometry everywhere... [Anna Reviews]

Architects, engineers and mathematicians, who are kind of musicians, or musicians who are actually mathematicians, biologists and neurologists, as well as gardeners and of course painters, sculptors, lighting designers… all of them see geometric patterns behind the scenes of their jobs. From the laws of nature to the human brain, our world is built of complex geometric systems that ravel an infinite of possibilities. It looks like the puzzle is to unravel them.

On a bloody cold and rainy morning, a few dancers occupy the studio ready to play with geometry in movement. Anthony Lo-Giudice, this week's guest teacher for ProDance, tangles two different patterns to create a third one, a mix between straight lines and spiral constructions. The core of his material is clearly balletic. However, he intertwines the endless possibilities of spiralling within it, twigging the traditionally straightness of ballet with the diagonal loops of spirals.

The lesson starts with a quick 'warm up'. Plies, tendus… a couple of exercises to bring back certain techniques to the body. Then, straight into choreography for the rest of the session. Anthony's class focuses on repertoire and gives time for the dancers to refine their practise and, maybe, to discover some geometry under their skin.

Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch