Toby Fitzgibbons [Anna reviews]

Christmas is round the corner and within it the end of the year. It is time to ponder over outcomes and to revisit tradition. Toby Fitzgibbons, the last guest teacher visiting ProDance before the Christmas break, appears to be the priest that reminds us the good values of the old practises. However, he does it in a progressive way that manages to take all the assistants enthusiastically on board.

Like the most eloquent of the pastors, Toby's engagement drags the audience into his speech, into his body language. By revisiting techniques like Ballet and Cunningham with a modern approach, his material gathers the essence of these old school practises in a very functional way. Bringing the focus back to the basis, his class works on the connection between core and limbs, using the spine as the central line to create curves and straight shapes. The class follows a classic structure, working from static exercises to more dynamic patterns, building the tension up into a very consistent lesson.

Going back is always an opportunity to correct, refine and redefine, and it undoubtedly provides a stable base for stepping further and beyond. By revisiting the road that we have left behind we ensure the trajectory of future paths; paths that are hidden in front of us, waiting to be discovered.

Do not hesitate and come to church. Taking a look back into the future might be revealing, specially around Christmas time!

Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch