A Friend of ProDance

Tora Hed, recent graduate of NSCD, and active Friend of ProDanceLeeds, has written a little review of this week’s class with the exciting Kiera Martin. On the right a little picture of Tora, and how excited she is when she dances :)

Get ready for next week, where we will be dancing with former Scottish Dance Theatre dancer, Toby Fitzgibbons.

Xx Sarah

I entered the studio two minutes late on Monday morning and the class with Keira Martin was already full on. The energy was high and I got drawn into the class with excitement. The beginning of the class started with us walking around in the studio and waking up the body. Slowly we started to increase the speed and I felt myself running, which does not happen very often. Then there was an intense cardio phrase with high music volume, which felt great on a Monday morning. We were pushed by Keira positive attitude and that energy spread in the room. Then there were exercises that made the body feel strong, we worked with plies and our thigh muscles were burning.  Keira said that she rather teach basic exercises to feel the body working and sense what is happening in the body rather than staring the class with complicated exercises, I could only agree. The night before Keira class I was reading her class description at ProDance webpage and was very intrigued by her Irish dance influence. When she started to teach us a phrase in the end of the class the Irish dance influences started to pop up, yes! It was refreshing to try something new.  The way she connected the Irish dance with contemporary dance was fun and I felt very engaged with the movements. I definitely had a good feeling after the class and was ready for the week.

Tora Hed, April 2016