Men & Girls Dance

This is happening in Huddersfield on Friday and Saturday, and it looks really interesting. Get tickets here. Hannah can tell you why she thinks you should go see it:

"I was first made aware of the Men & Girls Dance project by dance artist Robbie Synge who had been involved in the research process. He told me about the project because I am currently developing my own work S/HE which started with a concern for men and the questions 'do men need feminism?' and 'does feminism need men?'. As soon as I heard about Men & Girls Dance I was 100% behind the project - when thinking about the notion of men and girls dancing together I noticed a tightening in my body - fear. This really saddened me and its exactly why this work feels vital, the simple act of bringing men and girls together is political, provocative and needed. I really wanted to connect with Fevered Sleep in some way so I emailed them expressing my joy that they were doing this project and they invited me to become a 'community catalyst' and help to spread the word about the upcoming performance in Huddersfield. I met Fevered Sleep associate artist Luke Pell recently and it as really interesting to hear about his experiences of the project. I can't wait to see the work live."

Hannah Buckley

Interested in reading more? Fevered Sleep associate artist Luke Pell reflects on the project here.

Or just go and see it yourself!!