Two independent producers: Melanie Purdie and Anna Turzynski, are initiating a program called Exchange, which sounds pretty exciting for any arty types living in Leeds. They are wanting a wee bit of help with filling out a survey to collect some data. I know how much we all like surveys, but they can be SO HELPFUL! So if you are feeling generous or like this is something you should probably support, give them some feedback HERE.

A little more info for the keen ones:

'Exchange is a program that aims to improve access into Art for potential artists at the very conception of their careers. We want to focus on the city of Leeds and retaining its potential talent. As artists and producers who have recently forged a career in the creative sector in Yorkshire, we want to introduce future Artists into the culture of living and working as professionals. This is a new program, run by two independent producers with a keen interest to make thing’s happen in our city.

We have a full programme of ideas, and we are ready to get started! The final stages is filling out the Funding Applications in order to fund our activity. We have created a short survey in order to collect data for our application. We would really appreciate it if you could spare 2 minutes of your time to fill out the survey! It's short, only 10 questions and your answers will contribute to the development of the Exchange Pilot Programme.'