We've submitted!

Hello Dancers of Leeds,

Big news - we submitted another Arts Council Bid! So fingers crossed, there could be classes running again starting late summer/early autumn.

We know it’s been over a year now without ProDance classes, so we thought we’d give you a brief update on what has happened. After getting the news that our bid was unsuccessful in August last year, we had quite a busy Gracefool autumn which left little time for bid writing and visioning future plans. With the new year came new energy (and more time on our hands!) and we had some time to ponder what the best way forward was. In the end we decided to re-submit the bid with some changes to the budget as the feedback from the Arts Council was that the project was just plainly too expensive. We are hoping that this bid will be more successful than the last one and if  it is, classes will start late summer/early autumn. Wish us luck and cross your dancer toes and fingers! In the meantime, Open Source Arts are running classes on a Thursday morning, taught by teachers in our local community - go check it out!

Much love from the ProDance team