Be Geeky My Friend - Jennifer-Lynn Crawford [Anna Reviews]

I remember the first class I had with Jennifer-Lynn.
For many years, I had been forcing my legs to turn out like there was no tomorrow; I had been squeezing my belly in, so it would eventually stop popping out when breathing; I had been dancing without the usage of the brain. For many years, I was a devoted parishioner of a dance religion which indoctrinates into ideas such as discipline, pain or dogmatic thinking. For far too many years, I pushed the body into inhumane shapes and then asked for it to move gracefully. Then, I met Jennifer-Lynn.

Jennifer-Lynn arrives with books and papers under her arm and asks us to gather. She passes the material around while sharing a couple of ideas to stimulate the brain-body cooperation. Today’s specific suggestions turn around the axis and the lateral body. After a brief introduction, we have time to relate the information within ourselves. We then move to one side of the studio to engage in a series of travelling patterns where everything is at a play. A woman of science, her teaching encourages us to find connections, to wonder, to question, to research in our body and through our mind. Always escaping statements, Jennifer-Lynn offers subtle clues to help understanding the body and its interconnections.

I remember the first class I had with Jennifer-Lynn.
I was rolling in the floor, feeling hopeless as my dogmatic world was getting destroyed by a woman making sense of things. Suddenly I notice a shadow over me: ‘Is everything ok Anna?’-She asked- ‘Jennifer-Lynn, I am very confused...’-I said craving for a healing answer- ‘Good. Confusion is a great place to be’-she said walking away.

A ‘must go’ class for those ready to let go of certainties and willing to enter the vast and unknown world of the intelligent dancing body.

                                By Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch

-You can still catch her class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at RJC Dance from 9.30 to 11.00-