How can we help?

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Do you have a creative project or company? Do you sometimes run classes in the area? Please let us know! Why? So we can collaborate!

We need your help though. We’ve been incredibly busy lately with sister project Gracefool Collective, meaning we’ve had less time to catch up in class and hear about who’s around, creating work and, in this case most importantly, opening out their classes. As we’re still a relatively small community, we can’t afford to compete for participants. If you’re planning on running classes in the region, there are two ways in which we can help:

  • We can programme you! It means paying you a full teacher fee, which with enough time in advance can go towards an ACE application. Whoop! In return we would use your studio space for the classes. You would also be expected to pay for any dancers you bring.

This route is not always an option, as our programming choices depends on lots of different factors to serve the programme as a whole. When we can’t programme you, we can still:

  • Have a ProDance break in the week of your residency. Then you can open out and charge for your classes without competing with us for participants. We would also re-direct people to your classes from our website and social media.

Our capacity for research is at this point limited, so do give us a shout and let’s help each other out! It may be helpful to know that we programme quite far in advance, typically 3-6 months, so get in touch even if plans aren’t set in stone yet. It is also helpful for us when you include us in your Arts Council applications - as that evidences to the Arts Council that we are here and needed.

If you don’t have a project, but still want to influence our programme - you can. Please let us know who you would like to invite,  give us recommendations of good classes you have taken and teachers you are interested in.

Kate, Sofia, Rebecca and Rachel