no CAN’T do - Azzurra Ardovini [Anna reviews]


On my way to the studio this morning, I was feeling cheerful; I was excited to meet Azurra Ardovini as I hadn’t seen her for quite a while. I expected her to be her joyfully Italian self, as always; and so, she was. I expected her buzzing energy and her generous smile to welcome me to the studio; and so, it happened. I expected her to hug me warmly; and so, she did. What I did not expect was to find out that she is expecting!! She will soon renew her motherly vows while being a testament that motherhood and dance is a possible match!

With this wonderful news and the vigorous sun illuminating the studio, we were guided into some sun salutations, which set off the beginning of the session. Azzurra’s class follows a traditional and reliable structure and combines elements of the Release and Limon techniques. Her material helps us get back to the fundamentals of a plié or a twist while challenging the participants to deal with a fusion between explosion and dynamism. As the class moves on, the rhythm of the combinations accelerates. At the same time, the sequences increasingly melt in an out of the floor. Pointing at her belly and shouting ‘if I can do it, you can do it!’, Azzurra stimulates the dancers to push their boundaries; definitely, seeing her moving, one wonders if there’s such thing as limits. She is detailed in her corrections and explanations, which she delivers with that tone typical of a supportive mum.

This class is a progressive work-out, ideal to awaken the body from head to toes. You can still catch Azzurra Ardovini’s class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30 in The Dance Studio Leeds.

By Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch