ga·ga - Natalia Iwaniec [Anna reviews]

Following my boyfriend’s promise, I woke up at 6.15am this morning hoping to see a ‘once in a lifetime’ blood moon waving at me. Well, the red moon did not turn up to the appointment; I was stood up, sleepless and far too early for class, so I had a matinee wonder through the mysteries of linguistics. I grabbed a dictionary and, in an etymological attempt to prepare for Natalia Iwaniec’s arrival, I looked for the word ‘gaga’. Under such term the dictionary offers three definitions to the reader, which I found rather informative of the gaga movement language:

ga·ga/gaga adj. wildly enthusiastic
For those who know Miss Iwaniec and for those who are still to meet her, she is genuinely an enthusiastic teacher. Gaga sessions work under the structure of a guided improvisation, which demands from the provider to be spirited and attentive to the room’s vibe. Natalia conducts the session with the use of an eloquent multifaceted repertoire of phrases which feed the dancers imagination.

ga·ga/gaga adj. madly in love; infatuated
It’s when infatuated that we break rules, jump forbidden walls and go against the conventions. Gaga is a venture to help dancers search beyond what they perceive as familiar, to take risks and discover new movement horizons. ‘Disconnect the ambition and tune into your passion to move’, Natalia shouts as her love hymns push our quest.

ga·ga/gaga adj. demented; crazy; dotty
As the session goes along, the dynamics, textures, images and feelings that have been explored separately melt into one big collage of movement. Gaga works with the multilayer of tasks as part of the discovery process, which results in a crazy dance where a bunch of people are dancing together alone. One could think that we are not sane if it wasn’t for Natalia’s voice making sense of that beautiful chaos.


By Anna Cabré-Verdiell


You can still catch Natalia’s class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.30 to 11.00 at RJC Dance.