ProDanceLeeds and Möbius Dance Co-present Class

Photo: Danilo Moroni

Photo: Danilo Moroni

ProDanceLeeds and Möbius Dance are excited to co-present morning class over the coming few weeks. Whilst in residence, Möbius will open up two weeks of morning class as part of ProDance’ regular programme:

w/c 11 Feb - Jamaal Burkmar
w/c 18 Feb - Gianluca Vincentini

Möbius will also be opening classes w/c 11 March at Yorkshire Dance when ProDance are on a Spring Break.

Note that these classes will run a little bit earlier than ProDance regular classes: 9am - 10.15am.

Möbius’s residency will result in an explosive, passionate and highly physical performance featuring two robust contemporary dance works choreographed by celebrated artists Jamaal Burkmar and Douglas Thorpe, and a new short-film directed by Gianluca Vincentini.

Lovers of both dance and music will be enthralled by Burkmar’s Time Moves Slow, an incredibly passionate, fast-paced and dynamic work. A long serving ex-Phoenix dancer and Leeds-based artist, Thorpe creates a powerful, theatrical and compelling piece for the company formed of 4 international dance artists based in the North of England. Vincentini’s new film Encounter Two explores what it means to be a man in today’s society, and why men are still discouraged from showing emotions.

Kala Sangam, Bradford - Thursday 21 March 2019, 7.30pm
Civic, Barnsley - Saturday 6 April 2019

Do you have a residency or project that includes morning class? If so, ProDance may be able to support it! Get in touch with us on programming [at] - we’d love to hear from you!

Kate, Rachel, Rebecca and Sofia