me, we, it - Jamaal Burkmar [Anna reviews]

I am lately quite obsessed with my body. Wait, let me rephrase this...if I am my body and my body is me I should therefore say that I am lately quite obsessed with me. That’s more accurate. It may not be big news for some, but me, I have recently become aware that most humans live in permanent body-mind dissociation, unaware that those two elements could not exist separately. It being a simple fact, its implications have become a complete ‘head fuck’ of mine. Muscles, bones, organs, fluids, gases, thoughts, emotions... all that I am and so are you.

If this wasn’t enough, this week’s guest teacher Jamaal Burkmar has added an extra layer of existential drama into my dilemma. His session begins with an exhaustive exploration of densities within the body. Through improvisation Jamaal guides us in and out of textures, viscosities and grades of solidity. Using terms such as honey or fresh cement he triggers our brains into searching for those qualities in our system; I can’t escape from relating to the consistency of glands, bones and tissues. The class then moves into crossings where Jamaal encourages us to challenge velocity when changing from one quality to another. We spend enough time to break through stress and soften into speed.

The last section of the session brings in the universe, the immaculate synchrony of the solar system. We work as an ensemble refining the forces of attraction and gravity between us. We listen, we connect and we respond moving as one body, as one mind. Maybe we are me, maybe me is them or maybe we are just all one big it.


By Anna Cabré-Verdiell


You can still catch Jamaal’s class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.00 to 10.30 at NSCD.