Space Odyssey - Gianluca Vincentini [Anna reviews]

Last weekend felt like two Mondays on a row; early mornings, work to get done and tight schedules to be followed. When the alarm went off today, my eyelids declared themselves on strike; I promised good coffee and a reassuring layer of concealer and so I convinced them to open up and free the eyes. Then I faced another Monday, the third one of my week, and I felt exhausted and disoriented.

I made it to the studio thanks to the autopilot qualities of the human subconscious and, once there, I tried to focus my gaze and work through the struggles of my tiredness. I was happy to see that this week’s guest is Gianluca Vincentini, a familiar face in the local artistic community and someone from whom I didn’t have to hide my spaced out state. To my satisfaction, the session begins with an internal exploration to dig into the body in the search for space. Then, the research expands into the outer space as we cross it, shape it and affect it with our movement. The rhythm of the class accelerates through a series of dynamic release floor work and after moves up into standing phrases.

The end of the session mirrors the beginning; we settle and rescan the body in space and the spaces within the body. Gianluca’s space odyssey leaves me lost in is everywhere yet we often only notice it when we lack of it, whether it is the need for some mental space or the luxury of an out of schedule Sunday.

By Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch


You can still catch Gianluca’s class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.00 to 10.30 at Leeds City College.