Uncertain, yet together, we are stronger - Jennifer-Lynn Crawford [Anna reviews]

As soon as I step into the studio, I can feel it; she is back! The room is busy, filled with expectant silence and stretching bodies. She does not give a presentation speech, as most of the attendees know her from previous experiences or have at least heard about her. She surely won’t agree to being called a guru, but to many, to me, she is indubitably someone to look up to. She’s back; she is Jennifer-Lynn Crawford.

We begin. Gathering on the floor, Jennifer-Lynn shares some thoughts with the group while spreading a small collection of optical illusions on the floor. She talks about our very human need to feel and portray certainty and the unsettling discomfort often generated by ambiguity. The illusions open up the discussion as the images perceived vary depending on the observer’s perspective; ‘I just see spots’ someone says, ‘don’t you see an animal?’ others around suggest. Through the images, we rethink the certainty of certainty. Could it just be a place for shelter, a strategy for self-assurance?

 ‘Oh, I see a giraffe now!’, and some nod in a joyful gesture of collective achievement. Incertitude is a big, big sine qua non of our existence, therefore ‘what occurs to me as the main reason for humans getting together is cooperation’ says Jennifer-Lynn in her almost always quiet voice. Whether you see spots or giraffes, your perception can always complement someone else’s. All our little certitudes put together create a shared net of knowledge, a common ground into the unknown.

On that note, the groovy part of the class set off. Come and experience it, she’ll be there for three more days, that’s for sure!


By Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch


-You can still catch her class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at RJC Dance from 9.30 to 11.00-