Photography: Camilla Greenwell

Photography: Camilla Greenwell

Martha Pasakopoulou

When? Monday 19th September - Friday 23rd September, 9.15-10.45am

Where? Mon: Yorkshire Dance, Tue-Fri: RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre

In this class we will follow an increasing rhythm and continuous build up of energy, starting from an imaginary journey leading to physical movement and travelling through space. We will use improvisation as well as athletic and release based material as tools, in order to heighten awareness and explore physicality. We will walk, run, roll, jump, shake, travel, go in and out of the floor, so as to build up stamina and observe the body’s intelligence and functionality. The class encourages the observation of personal movement within a group. 

Martha is a London based dance artist from Greece. After completing her BA in dance (N. Kontaxaki Dance School, Athens) and a Chemistry degree, she joined EDge10 at LCDS and completed an MA in Performance with a particular interest in improvisation scores, perception and performer’s experiential journey. Martha has collaborated with choreographers Wally Cardona, Robert Clark, Rick Nodine, Michael Klien, Seke Chimutengende, Leila McMillan, Robin Dingemans; with companies backsteinhaus production (Stuttgart), Requardt & Rosenberg, Tilted Production and with artists Tino Sehgal and Marina Abramovic. She has been making her own work since 2013 and was offered the Danceweb 2015 Scholarship by Impulstanz dance festival in Vienna.