Meet the team

Do you have any questions or feedback for us? Contact us on hello[at] and we will do our best to help. You can also contact our team directly on their individual e-mail addresses below:

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Rachel Fullegar

Rachel is the social media wiz and marketing officer at ProDanceLeeds. She is also the strategic planner of the group, head schmoozer and the one who writes our funding applications. Rachel thinks the combination of a glass of rosé and a good documentary is God’s gift to humankind.

Contact Rachel on rachel[at]


Sofia Edstrand

Sofia is the finance queen of ProDanceLeeds and also deals with contracts and legalities. If you want to be paid or have any other finance or contract related queries, you know where to go. Sofia also goes under the name ‘Angel-Hair’, and has a soft spot for power-ballads and spreadsheets.

Contact Sofia on sofia[at]


Kate Cox

Kate is currently on a sabbatical, gallivanting around Colombia. In her absence, contact Sofia for any programming queries.

Kate is your point of contact if you want to teach for ProDanceLeeds. Kate deals with booking the programme, studio bookings and any other kinds of bookings you can think of. Kate loves coffee and once won an Aaron Carter look-alike competition.


Rebecca Holmberg

Rebecca is web-designer extravaganza for ProDanceLeeds and has recently learnt two html commands: <b> and <br>, which she is furiously applying all over the website. She also takes care of the job that no one else wants to do: evaluation. Rebecca is your port of call if info has gone awry on the website or if you’d like to contribute to our blog.

Contact Rebecca on rebecca[at]


Sarah Maria Cook

Sarah is a founding member of ProDanceLeeds. After a sabbatical, she is back in Leeds and can often be found taking payment in class.

Previously her foremost focus was the community surrounding ProDanceLeeds and setting up the Friends Card scheme. Sarah’s sense of fashion is heavily inspired by AbFab.

Gracefool Collective

The confusion over how Gracefool Collective and ProDanceLeeds interlace seems to be never-ending. Gracefool Collective are: Kate Cox, Sofia Edstrand, Rachel Fullegar and Rebecca Holmberg. Together with Sarah Cook, they founded ProDanceLeeds in January 2015. When ProDanceLeeds aren’t busy with admin, Gracefool Collective are probably creating some feminist comedy dance for a venue near you. Capisce? If you want to know more about Gracefool's work, visit: