Workshop with Lola Maury

Sharing tasks employed within her own creative processes, Lola Maury's choreographic workshop will have ‘rhythm’ and ‘tuning in’ at the centre of all explorations.

When? Saturday 8th October, 12pm-4pm

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

How much? £15

NB. Pre-bookings only. Book early to avoid disappointment.


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Playing with a sense of flow and continuity, creating complex structures, embodying precise dynamics and rhythmical patterns with rules for how to interact. Participants will practice listening to each other and finding synchronicity and mutual understanding to create together intricate rhythmical journeys. 

The workshop will be co-run by Lola and Alberto Ruiz, sound designer and long time collaborator.

Lola Maury is part-based between London and Lyon, and works within two discreet forms: dance choreography and participatory game creation. She was commissioned by The Place to make Two to tune through the Hot House Scheme and redeveloped her solo piece Figurines as part of Choreodrome. This Autumn she will tour both works in Yorkshire, begin a new R&D <<Weaving>> (working title) and curate HU1 - a night of dance for Hull Dance with links to Hull City of Culture 2017.

Alberto has worked with Jesús Rubio, Riccardo Buscarini & Antonio de la Fe (Place Prize finalist 2010), Eleanor Sikorski and Eva Recacha (Place Prize finalist 2010 and 2012). He is a close collaborator of Igor & Moreno and Lola Maury since their first professional steps. He currently works as a researcher for the Royal College of Art.