Photo: Drazen Priganica

Photo: Drazen Priganica

Gracefool Collective

When? w/c 5 August, Monday - Thursday, 9.30am - 11am

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Gracefool will lead a dynamic and fast-paced class starting on the floor and building up to more formalised set phrases to warm up the body and build strength and stamina. Expect to roll, jump, groove and get sweaty. The class will be lead by one member of the company.

Feminist, forthright and fiercely funny, Gracefool make wildly entertaining dance theatre about the absurdities of modern existence. Made up of four female dance artists, all graduates of Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the Gracefools mix sharp observation with quick wit, energy and playfulness to create performances which provoke, delight and defy convention. In 2017 This really is too much was showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the prestigious Underbelly Untapped programme, an award offered to whom Underbelly deem to be making exciting and innovative new work. Gracefool were Barnsley Civic CARP artists in 2016 and the 2014/15 beneficiaries of CATAPULT. Most recently, they have been supported through Choreodrome, Surf The Wave and Yorkshire Dance’s Partner Project.