Photography: Dan Lowenstein

Photography: Dan Lowenstein

Lewis Wilkins

When? Monday 14th November - Friday 18th November 10.00-11.30am

Where? Dance Studio Leeds

Lewis teaches a playful, physically demanding class that explores efficiency and fluidity while moving in and out of the floor. The practice will look at the organisation of weight and the body's relationship with gravity in order to challenge coordination and increase dynamic potential. There will be a strong focus on functional strength, mobility and inversion training to build confidence and awareness while working upside down. This will prepare the body for more complex movement sequences that are rooted in principles from breaking and capoeira.

Lewis began his movement training in b-boying and capoeira and went on to study at London Contemporary Dance School, graduating with a BA (Hons) 1st degree in 2009. Lewis has performed with companies including Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Richard Alston Dance Company, 2Faced Dance, Tom Dale, James Wilton, John Ross, Riccardo Buscarini, Jean Abreu Dance, TrashDollys Dance Theatre, and Scottish Dance Theatre. Lewis recently worked for a term as a release technique teacher on the BA program at Middlesex University. He has previously lead workshops and classes for Scottish Dance theatre, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and London Contemporary Dance School. He has also taught open professional class at Greenwich Dance Agency and Trip Space Projects.