Teaching this week: Fabiano Culora & Renaud Wiser

When? Monday 19 - Friday 23 October 9.00-10.30am

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Monday, Thursday-Friday: Fabiano Culora has been working with performers for the past 12 years though interdisciplinary practice, exploring bodymind awareness and preparation for creation and performance. Applying principles from Authentic Movement, BMC, Body&Earth and somatic psychology to performative improvisational practice, Embodied Relational Practice for Performers raises the question what resources can we cultivate in ourselves to enable a grounded and authentic emotional exchange? Experiential anatomy will guide our orientation, principles of Authentic Movement and somatic psychology offer frameworks that will hold the process of attending to ourselves and others. What quality of ‘presence’ emerges in the process? How can we map and register transformation? How can we recognise embodied holism?

Tuesday-Wednesday: Based in London, Renaud is a renowned international dancer and in 2013 launched his own dance company Renaud Wiser Dance Company. His research explores our human condition through dance and theatre, strongly rooted in contemporary world.