We have missed you so much, but now we're back! I take that you have all heard the good news of us receiving a Grants for the Arts to run ProDance classes in Leeds for another year. Lucky us, and lucky you! Whoop whoop! This week has been the official kick-start of ProDance management. Since September, Northern School of Contemporary Dance have been kind enough to host and run the classes - a big thank you to everyone at Northern who has supported our freelance dance scene over the last few months. The classes are now back in our hands again and we are super excited about it!

Antonio Borriello has been teaching for us this week and it has been absolutely superb! His classes are quite technical but with a heavy focus on dynamics and fluidity, which is in my very personal opinion the very best kind of class. Antonio is based in Leeds these days so we are hoping to have him back soon. Next week we are having an olden goldie coming back to teach: Léa Tirabasso. Léa taught for us in June and since I missed it, I'm pretty excited to take class next week because I have heard that it was GREAT.

Also - ProDanceLeeds are having a Christmas gathering!

Where? Yorkshire Dance’s Foyer

When? Wednesday 16 December at 6pm

One free drink and one free class for everyone who shows up! We will tell you about the exciting plans we have for the coming year, reveal our line-up of teachers and listen to any feedback you might want to share. Put on your best Christmas jumper (if that’s your thing. If not, that’s ok) and maybe, maybe (and I’m not making any promises here) there will be Swedish glögg.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Rebecca, on behalf of the rest of the team: Kate, Rachel, Sarah and Sofia