28 days later. No zombies in sight.

We are so excited to have finished the fourth week of ProDance classes; ProDance has completed its first lunar cycle! Which means that if you have come to all of the classes, you will have used up a whole loyalty card and started a new one! Or that you could have completed this entire squat challenge since our first class. It also means that in the last 28 days, there have been 12 opportunities to do some professional development (an impressive 42.9 % of the days) here in Leeds. And no zombies have been involved. So many reasons to celebrate.

 This week we have had Sadé and Kristina Alleyne teaching. Apart from having an incredible track record of dancing with, amongst others,  Akram Khan, Retina Dance Company, Tavaziva, Ace Dance and Music and Henri Oguike Dance Company, they are also incredibly inspiring teachers. And incredibly hard-core… Some people just get it all. Sadé and Kristina teach as a duo, which I think is pretty unusual but also pretty great as they can "give each participant double the attention, knowledge, advice and inspiration during the sessions", to quote the ladies themselves. Their generous approach and encouraging teaching style (“feel free to shout at us!”) also took the edge off the thigh-burning exercises from hell and made for fun, challenging and pleasingly sweaty classes. It has been a long time since I sweated this much, and I am a pretty sweaty person. Anyway. Enjoy a little video of a combination we did for the end of the class:

Looks fun, right?

ALSO - Otis and his guitar honoured us with their company this week, which was just great. If you missed it - don't be sad; we will have more classes with live music! Next up for teaching is Ruth Janssen, who's coming to Yorkshire Dance on Wednesday. These classes will be a teeny bit earlier than usual - 09.00 am - so don't forget to set your alarm! See you there.

Rebecca Xx