Second week. Not for weaklings.

Second week of ProDanceLeeds has seen the amazing Azzurra Ardovini teaching at RJC Dance (the Mandela Centre). Azzurra is now an independent artist, but danced with Phoenix Dance Theatre, Akram Khan, Vincent Dance Theatre and Jorge Crecis (who is coming to teach for ProDanceLeeds soon!) We worked very hard, realised our fitness is not what it has been - and I had to go for an inspirational jog afterwards. Thanks Azzurra!

News of Azzurra’s brilliant class must have spread by the Wednesday, as the studio was flooded with 21 dancers. They had probably all heard about the great tendu-time we had the previous day. Unfortunately, they were too late for fondues - no fondues on Wednesdays apparently. This was sad, but our legs were grateful. Mine had still not recovered from the inspirational jog.

A highlight of the class was taking part in a lovely, long, twisty, turn-y phrase that made us feel oh so pretty. But on the left you can see the moment we were all waiting for. 

Yes, that's right. Jumping.  

You can see Kate there in the background, she's so excited she's doing a dance.

Conclusion of the week:

Turns out Yorkshire has not only great movers, but a great number of them. WE ARE SO EXCITED YOU ARE ALL HERE! Now come down to Yorkshire Dance next week, where Deborah Light and Joanna Young will be teaching. 

Rebecca x