Spacious studio time

It is the last week of March (kind of), clocks went forward last night and general spring-ness is definitely on its way. You can see the photo above as a metaphor for how we're reaching for it!  We have been celebrating this on coming of spring by having fantastical Amanda Lewis teaching three engaging and technical classes for ProDance. The classes actually made me feel a bit nostalgic as Amanda's style reminded me of classes I did during my training at NSCD. It is fascinating to see how some of the curves I practiced for years are now ingrained in my spine... Can I also just take this space to compliment the music choices of the week? Rarely has morning class felt so much like a night out. Well, you know. With a bit of imagination. 

Other news of the week is that we have had the luxury of residing in one of Phoenix' studios, which seems fitting since Amanda used to dance with them. Oh yeah huge, bright studio with a magnificent view over Leeds. Just look at the size of it:


 One of the things that are special about this project is that we have support from most of the major dance organisations in Leeds with studio space kindly provided either in kind or on a reduced basis. Send some nice thoughts and spring blessings to Dance Studio Leeds, Northern Ballet, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Phoenix Dance Theatre, RJC Dance and Yorkshire Dance for helping out with space. It is absolutely great to be able to take class in different spaces every week. I feel like it is really helping me motivation wise to push myself in class. It’s probably to do with Feng Shui.

 Anyway. After nine weeks of excellent morning classes we are very excited to say that we have also scheduled our first workshop as part of this pilot project. Brilliant KERRY NICHOLLS is coming to Leeds the 2nd of May! How exciting is that? Put it in your diary and tell all your friends. Oh, but you have to book your space. Do it HERE. Do it now. It is only a tenner.

Rebecca xx