33% extra excitement!!!

We have had not three but four ProDance classes this week, which equals an extra 33% of excitement and professional development! Joss Arnott, artistic director for Joss Arnott Dance, has been described as “the perfect tonic for British contemporary dance” so you can imagine we have been pretty excited to have him teaching this week. And as whipped cream on the mashed potatoes (as we would say in Sweden – I guess the translation would be something like icing on the cake…?) we had Smallpetitklein coming to teach an extra class on the Friday. Both Joss Arnott Dance and Smallpetitklein have had performances in the area during the week (at Yorkshire Dance’s Friday First and at the Lowry, Manchester) so the week has offered some excellent opportunities for both watching and partaking in high quality contemporary dance.

 Unfortunately I managed to pick up the winter lurgy that seems to be making its way through my friendship circle this week and could only attend one of Joss’s classes. It was highly technical with a pleasing mix of fluid floor work and mind-boggling triplet exercises. Work for the body AND the brain. Excellent. And although I didn't attend the Smallpetitklein class I have it on good authority that it was also great (with some pretty spectacular music choices - the highlight of which was a very sexy triplet to Beyoncé).

 On a quite different note I just thought I’d share with you that we now have over 70 people on our secret register of people attending ProDance classes. 70 freelance dancers based in Leeds (or passing through Leeds) during the last 6 weeks is a pretty uplifting number. Wooho! Keep on freelancing and dancing with ProDanceLeeds! Next week Jorge Crecis will be teaching at Yorkshire Dance. You don’t want to miss it.

 Rebecca Xx