Dedicated to the most dedicated

Happy Easter everyone! May your bank holiday be filled with cream eggs and Easter bunnies! While resting your feet from prancing on sprung floors, let me fill you in on the week that has passed:


Jo Fong came all the way from Cardiff to lead three classes in guided improvisation. Are we glad that she made the effort to come all that way to Leeds? We sure are! The class started on the floor and moved through explorations of the spine to contact improv and articulation of feet, all areas approached with playfulness. The class ended with a lil set routine. I have never had a class moving from improv into set material in that way before, but can highly recommend it. I felt like pathways came easier to me and that I was able to throw myself at the material without overthinking it.


Maybe it is the Easter holiday, Jo’s reputation, general spring perkiness or the fact that lots of residencies are going on at NSCD, but we have had a great turnout of people this week. Students, teachers (both ProDance and NSCD), new friendly faces and golden oldies – everyone was there. We are always so happy to see you drop in and even more thrilled when you keep coming back! That’s why we have a loyalty card so if you come to class regularly you can attend for the very reasonable price of £3 (a loyalty card is £30 for 10 classes).


At ProDance we have a bit of an unofficial competition of who is getting through their loyalty cards the quickest. I’m making no promises, but maybe there will be a price for our most loyal follower when this pilot ends in July. Just saying. At the moment I think I am on a third place, which is not bad, with Rachel just in front of me – but our real competition is this man:

 Chris Brinklow, our most enthusiastic follower. Chris loves dancing (we know because he keeps telling us) and we love Chris! If you want a glimpse of the man, the myth, the legend, I suggest you make your way down to ProDance class with Kirsty Arnold next week because he is most likely to be there!