Teaching this week: Jack Webb

Please note that this class runs from 10.30-12.00!





Monday 1 June 10.30-12.00am

Tuesday 2 June 10.30-12.00am

Wednesday 3 June 10.30-12.00am

RJC Dance, The Mandela Centre

Jack's class focuses on the intelligent use of the weight of bones, muscles and blood. Swinging, shaking, folding and making space in the body, particularly in the hips and spine are all used to explore and harness the potential energy that is contained within the body. Some codified exercises, imagery and breath are utilized to prepare the body for articulate and physically demanding sequences that focus on pathways through space, the floor, the air, moving from the centre of the body and achieving a sense of virtuosity with ease and sense.

Photography: Jannica Honey

Photography: Jannica Honey