Feedback time

It is half term again, which means residing at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where students and teachers alike keep turning up for class. Yay! We’re so happy you are joining us instead of going on holiday! Jamaal Burkmar, who is a recent graduate of NSCD (just like us!), has done the honours this week. Not so long ago we’d bump into each other between classes and rehearsals. Now we have a professional development platform to bump into each other! Is that not a beautiful thing? I think so.

 Jamaal recently had some Arts Council Funding to create a piece for Northern Connections and coming to his classes gave a pretty good insight into his choreographic language, as well as making us have a good sweat; the class never stops moving. Enter shaking, floating, improvising with the group, on your own, hand-flicking, quick impact and slow moves to loud music. And some Teletubby hugs. Check it out:

 We feel pretty pleased with the range of teachers that have taught for ProDanceLeeds so far: institutions like Kerry Nicholls as well as exciting recent graduates like Jamaal. Is there anyone you have enjoyed in particular, or somebody you think we should invite to teach for ProDance? Let us know! This pilot is approaching an end and with only nine more weeks to go, we are looking at collating as much feedback as we can to provide a strong case for the next funding bid.

 Would you like to write a letter of support for us? Great! Drop us a line.

Would you like to teach for ProDance? Great! Drop us a line.

Would you like to tell us that the 9.15 slot just doesn’t do it for you, as you can’t seem to get yourself out of bed on time? Great! Drop us a line.

 All feedback is good feedback and if you, like us, think this is an important project for the region – let us know what has been great about it and what can be improved. If you drop us a line at, we will send you a feedback form. Or just pop into class and talk to us! This is what we look like:

Photography: Josh Hawkins

Photography: Josh Hawkins

 Next week Jack Webb is coming to teach at the Mandela Centre, which should be ace! Extra exciting for all us lazies is that we can have a lie-in, as the class will run from 10.30-12.00. So no excuses for not turning up! See you there.

Rebecca Xx