Teaching this week: Charlie Morrissey

When? Monday-Friday 09.00-10.30am

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

 This work centers around ideas of invitation and availability as cultivated states in the thinking body. The invitation is something that we might extend to space, to other people and to the potential that anything might become possible as we move. The availability is about cultivating a state of openness and readiness in our dancing and thinking.

 Charlie’s classes and workshops include a variety of explorations of movement and attention. They develop and tune kinaesthetic and perceptual awareness to enable more choice and possibility as we move, and they activate and encourage deep listening in the body. The work taps into our natural ability to track our full physicality as we move. Charlie provides exercises and structures in the studio that offer an open ground for exploration and integration.

 Partner work and exercises devised from contact improvisation are used to facilitate multi directional awareness through a physical understanding of gravity and weight in motion. These qualities cultivate alert, articulate and embodied dancing that can be applied to working solo or with others.