We celebrate a year of classes!! (also sausage rolls…)

Toodles all ProDancers. ProDanceLeeds has now had its first birthday (regular classes for a full year on the 26th of January. Sadly we forgot to celebrate it…) We have sort of celebrated in hindsight by having two weeks of excellent classes with Joss Carter, followed by Matt Lackford. It feels great every time we are able to welcome back a teacher from the Pilot, to our Development phase. Since starting again in November, we have invited back six teachers: Natalia Iwaniec, Lea Tirabasso, Anthony Middleton, Amy Bell, Phil Sanger and Matt Lackford, as well as having had the pleasure of meeting four new ones: Antonio Boriello, Tomislav English, Rachael O’Neill and Joss Carter. Five out of the ten teachers are based in the region, (proof of the richness of artistic practice going on in Yorkshire!) whereas five have come from afar (more or less), bringing their skills and experience into our city. Can I say how fantastic it feels to be able to experience such a diverse range of approaches to contemporary dance, without even having to leave Leeds.

Matt’s classes have been brilliant as always, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a bit of good floor work! On the Monday and Tuesday we had some issues with the sound system and alternated between radio (wohoo Eminem) and silence. I always find it strange to dance in silence as I often take my energy from music, but it was a beautiful experience with the silent studio, the sunlight flooding in, and people dancing in concentration. I take that you all know that RJC Dance has recently refurbished their studio? It is absolutely beautiful – a pleasing way to spend a few hours in the morning. 

Before leaving I just also want to share some photos from last weeks’ classes with Joss Carter. As you can see, it wasn’t your everyday traditional dance class. We did a lot of (what felt like rather shamanic) shaking and ended up making gigantic sausage rolling on the floor. I’ve only done this in heather before, which is a lot more cushioned. There was a lot of trapped knees, sweaty armpits in faces and general groaning, but it was also rather spectacularly fun. As you can maybe tell from the photos… I’m highly recommending experiencing a Joss Carter class if you ever get the chance!

Rebecca x