ProDanceLeeds Spring Launch

Happy spring ProDancers!

We are celebrating that March is here, that it is almost Easter, and that clocks will be going forward in just over a week, by launching an exciting line up of teachers and workshops that are coming to Leeds this spring.

We have invited back a few olden goldies from the Pilot phase, as they do absolutely brilliant classes: Natalia Iwaniec is coming to teach Gaga, Jo Fong is travelling from Cardiff to deliver her excellent class of improvisation that seamlessly moves into set material, and Kristina and Sadé Alleyne will probably give us a hardcore, sweat-dripping, fun class!

Two locals: Vanessa Grasse and Keira Martin are both teaching this spring. It is always a pleasure having people teaching, who also come to take class. ProDanceLeeds is after all, all about sharing practice between us that live and work in the region.

We know, it has been also a long time since we put on a workshop. To make up for this, we are having not one but TWO workshops this spring. Ian Garside and Tomislav English are coming to deliver a two-day workshop each. Check it out on the workshop page.

Then we have a whole range of new exciting teachers. It wouldn’t be ProDanceLeeds if we didn’t! We are looking forward to welcoming Elisabeth Schilling, Federica Esposito, Gavin Rees, Gerrard Martin, Katie Lusby, Marso Riviere, Rachele Rapisardi and Toby Fitzgibbons to Leeds. Do check out their biographies, they all seem pretty cool!

A happy happy SPRING to you all, and see you in class!