Spring with ProDanceLeeds

ProDanceLeeds attenders! I hope you all had a nice rest over Easter. I certainly did, eating lots of pick n mix that my sister brought over from Sweden.  Easter is now long gone though, and all is back to normal with five classes a week again!

We have been laying a little bit low on the ProDance side of things for a bit, due to working with Application Muy Grande over at Gracefool HQ, (some of us moonlight as Gracefool Collective – we know it’s confusing. If it helps, you might want to think of us like the holy trinity: we are at the same time the father, the son and the holy spirit, and they are all different – but also really just the same.) We are now back to launch some pretty exciting ProDanceLeeds ideas, and we’ll be updating you more in the coming month, so watch this space as they say.

As you may know, we have organised two workshops this spring – one took place this week with Ian Garside and it was pretty great! There is also another workshop coming up in May with Tomislav English, but it is now fully booked. We still have some budget to organise another workshop (or two) throughout the year, so if you have suggestions about who you think we should get in, do let us know!

I will also treat you with a video from last week’s classes with Katie Lusby. Katie has danced with, amongst others, Richard Alston; Punchdrunk, Gecko. Say whaat!? We do like to spoil you! How are you feeling about the classes in general? Enjoying them? Wishing there was more improv? Less improv? More floor work? Less floor work? More ballet? Less ballet? Ok, I know we haven’t had ANY ballet so far, is this something you think we should change? Again, do get in touch and let us know. We are constantly reviewing the work we’re doing and we want to hear from you! We are currently booking in teachers for July-September, so if you have feedback and ideas for us – now is the time to speak.

Have a lovely week ducklings!