Teaching this week: Keira Martin and Vanessa Grasse

NB. Classes this week will start at 9.30am

Who? Monday-Thursday: Keira Martin. Friday: Vanessa Grasse.

When? All classes run 09.30-11.00am

Where? Yorkshire Dance

Keira’s class is influenced by her wide experience in different dance genres, including traditional Irish Dance, rhythm, Graham, release and improvisation techniques. The class is physically demanding with a focus on core strength, stamina and floor work, building towards a long phrase of movement at the end of each class.

Vanessa will lead a dynamic class moving in and out of the floor through specific sequences and movement pathways on your own and with a partner. We will roll, slide and fly, awakening spirals and cross lateral connectivity, looking at how too remain relaxed in speed and strength, recycling and redirecting energy and trajectories. A clear awareness and a specific work on our breathing will support an easiness of flow, clear intention, sustaining and generating energy rather than just consuming it.