Teaching this week: Matt Lackford and Pat Durham

Who? Matt: Tues, Pat: Wed-Fri

When? All classes run 9.15-10.45am

Where? Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Matt’s approach to floor work investigates the mechanical processes within the body, with the aim of finding smooth transitions to and from the floor. These engaging sessions will also focus on developing individuals various approach to moving and performing confidently. All phrases and exercises delivered have a variety of alternate moves for different levels and individuals movement styles.

Welcome to a traditional classical ballet class. Pat offers the discipline and challenge of a professional level ballet class. Inspiring and challenging, you will move through a typical classical class from barre work to grande allegro. With an energetic and positive approach, this detailed class will help you develop your classical technique, strengthen your core, gain stamina and enhance your artistry. With the mix of dynamics, as a contemporary trained dancer you will be challenged but will not find it out of your reach.