Teacher Mentoring Week: Katy Hewison & Stefania Pinato



Mon: Katy Hewison, Yorkshire Dance, 9.30-11am

Tue: Katy Hewison, Dance Studio Leeds, 9.30-11am

Wed-Thu: Stefania Pinato, Dance Studio Leeds 9.30-11am

Focusing on energy, pace, and textures of movement, Katy’s class hopes to allow individuals to play and make choices within material and improvisation. Awakening the body with a focus on attention and imagination, it will begin at a slow, sensitive pace. Building in complexity and speed we will use movement patterns, improvisations and structures influenced by games. The class is influenced by Katy's solo practice and working with improvisation with young children.

Stefania's class is shaped around release technique and principles of somatic practices. It aims to find ease and flow in movement, efficiency and deepen the way we listen to our bodies whilst moving. Through the exploration of our anatomical structure we will support the body in its journey through space while playing with momentum, dynamics and weight. The material is energetic, designed to find joy and to challenge.