Morning giggles, and fighting monkeys…!

Softly, smoothly, waking up the body through gradually shaking the core, building up energy, and creating a relaxed and open loving atmosphere.

Rachael O’Neill’s class has a strong focus on relationships from the beginning till the end. There is a playfulness in her class which really comes through in the movement of the dancers.

Rachael introduced us to a game based on the Fighting Monkeys workshop by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek. The game involved anticipating the partners move, being able to fend them off by blocking their move or shift the body.  

Moving through other improvisation techniques using manipulation of your partner’s direction and supporting them, finding a balance of resistance and surrender to create a perfect conversation between two bodies.

If you ever get a chance to play with Rachael, don’t miss it! She will make you sweat, laugh and move like a jungle cat.

Thank you to Rachael for bringing your lovely energy this week, we will keep our eyes and ears out for you.

Meanwhile, at ProDance, we are busy working on our business development, trying out different models, and making new connections. We are very excited to see how this year develops, it has already been off to a fantastic start with fabulously attended classes.

Thank you to all our ProDanceFriends for keeping supporting us by enjoying the classes.

Have a lovely evening.